Basement Framing Nearly Done.

The girls’ side of the basement is starting to really take shape with the addition of the outside wall and window. Before we stood up the outside wall I laid down a bead of none-drying roofing tar on the concrete to seal for air-leakage. Then I put on top of that the typical foam membrane but doubled-up to account for break down over time. Something else I had to account for was the concrete floor right against the wall tends to be about an inch taller than further out in the room. So making the walls come together perfectly took some extra effort that I sure a Pro would have needed to waste second on.

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Day One of Basement Framing

One more delivery from Home Depot this morning and now I had everything I need to start. Got my work table set up, electric run from the pole and air compressor ready. I never had large paper blueprints made since I just did all the designing on my laptop, so I kept it up there on the table for reference. I think I decided to start on the girls’ side first just because it was in the shade. I started grabbing arms full of 2x4s and carrying them around to where I was working.

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My Favorite Framing Tools

Along the same lines as the old adage “the clothes make the man”. Maybe tools don’t make the carpenter, but boy can they make a big difference in efficiency and reducing frustration.

In this post, I have included pictures of many of the incredibly useful tools and accessories I used in the framing of our house. I will try to link to most of them for your convenience so their will be some Amazon Affiliate links.

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Basement Slab Pour is Here!

The pumper truck is here, the tools are all in place. Let’s pour this thing! Big rains in the spring delayed our start by a month. We have been itching to get started and finally after this concrete part is done we can truly begin our portion of the work. The guys have got more rebar in place to put into the holes for the master bedroom piers. Continue reading “Basement Slab Pour is Here!”