Hi, we’re Adrian and Janelle, and we live in the Kansas City area. We were both raised in a rural setting with most all the things that go along with that. After living in the city with a small yard for years our family of 10 outgrew it and so we started looking for land to build on. This site is where we will share the creation of our Geeky Homestead and beyond.

Adrian and Janelle sitting on a bench.

We will be sharing the many steps and considerations we had to take in the design and building of our very unique and personalized home. The picture below shows what we were starting with. This lot had been the spot for a modular home for many years.

Starting point of our home lot.

It took us just over a year with the occasional but much need help from various family members to get to where we are now. We only used contracted help on a few things we couldn’t or didn’t want to do such as the concrete basement and metal roof. When making our purchase decisions we had to consider cost and durability for a big family. We will share our reviews of different items and materials hoping that it may help some of you out there too.

Angle view of house.

Front of mostly completed house.

Wheres the geeky part fit in?
Our home, though rustic inside and out, is a celebration of geek culture and technology. We were both science majors in college. We may not be working in those fields anymore but we share our love for it with our children and now we can share it with you. We will feature science and tech curiosities, reviews, and news.

R2-D2 french press.

We also may share the occasional family recipe and our attempts at latte art.

Large pans of hash.

Latte art.