My Favorite Framing Tools

Along the same lines as the old adage “the clothes make the man”. Maybe tools don’t make the carpenter, but boy can they make a big difference in efficiency and reducing frustration. In this post, I have included pictures of many of the incredibly useful tools and accessories I used in the framing of our house. I will try to link …

Basement slab pour is here!

Pumper truck is ready.

The pumper truck is here, the tools are all in place. Let’s pour this thing! Big rains in the spring delayed our start by a month. We have been itching to get started and finally after this concrete part is done we can truly begin our portion of the work. The guys have got more rebar in place to put into the …

More slab prep

Concrete form.

Not much to mention today. While I was at work the concrete guys came to do the final prep work before they pour our slab.

Underslab Plumbing

Digging drain paths.

Before we can get our concrete guy to come pour the basement floor we need to get all the under slab rough plumbing in. We grabbed our blueprints, tape measure, and some flags.

Walls and Waterproofing

Completed concrete walls.

The forms come off!!! This really seemed like a momentous day for us. Having these walls up was a big “solid” milestone. Digging out the basement was a start, but that was just removing dirt. This was actually putting something in place that was ours. Something that would last and hold up everything else. 

Footings and Forms

Concrete pumper

The very next day after my excavation work got done I had to go back to work. I came home to see this huge truck sitting alongside my driveway. It was a concrete pumper truck with a boom. My foundation guys had come and worked all day digging and pouring our basement wall footings. Yay!!!

Breaking Ground

Breaking ground

Our excavator got started nice and early in the morning. He was up there moving dirt while I was still in bed. I didn’t think he’d arrive quite so early. By the time I got up there, he had already moved a lot.

Site Preparation

Site before we began.

Janelle took this picture soon after we purchased the land. We were walking around holding our youngest, who was less than three weeks old at the time. Much work was ahead of us but we didn’t care. This was something amazing and at times didn’t feel real. The day the people came to move the modular home was a big day …

Planning and Design

Design books

So, where does one begin the story of a new home? When we began this story we were a large family living off of one income more than an hour from any family. Our home at the time was of a modest size but rapidly become undersized for us. We had dreams of one day building a house, made just …