Geeky Diversions #1

Comicon wtih baby.

Planet Comicon!!!

A family as large as ours doesn’t take too many vacations. This is the one thing we try to make every year. A sort of mini vacation. Friday, the opening day, we usually try to take all the kids that want to go. Then Saturday is “adult day” where the most the kids stay home and grandma may watch them. This year though we had a little one that we still had to take. I think she was a little overwhelmed by it all.

Adrian and youngest at Planet Comicon.

A tradition we have had lately had been to get every signature of the cast of the tv series Firefly on a shirt we have. Here we are getting the signature of the actor Sean Maher who plays the doctor Simon Tam. It was great to meet him seemed like a very nice warm person. I might have been nice to get coffee with him.

Sean Maher autograph.
Getting Sean Maher’s autograph on a shirt.

Janelle is a voracious reader. One of her favorite authors growing up was Kevin J. Anderson so she jumped at the chance of meeting him and getting him to sign one of her old Star Wars books.

Janelle getting an autograph.

On the way back to the car we always pass by this bronze statue of Mark Twain so we thought what a great opportunity for a picture with him.

Mark Twain statue.
Janelle posing with bronze Mark Twain statue.

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