Basement Framing Nearly Done.

Girls side of basement.

The girls’ side of the basement is starting to really take shape with the addition of the outside wall and window. Before we stood up the outside wall I laid down a bead of none-drying roofing tar on the concrete to seal for air-leakage. Then I put on top of that the typical foam membrane but doubled-up to account for break down over time. Something else I had to account for was the concrete floor right against the wall tends to be about an inch taller than further out in the room. So making the walls come together perfectly took some extra effort that I sure a Pro would have needed to waste second on.

Visitor on job site.

We had some rain last night so I had to cover everything up. This morning I came up so check out the situation. I grabbed my shop broom and started sweeping out the water and while doing that I got a visitor, one of the neighbors dogs decided to check it out.

Stari landing.

I felt like I reached a milestone here with the stairway landing platform. Underneath will be storage or temporary storm shelter. This will tie the two floors together and soon I will be able to walk up it to the no existent but future main living area.

Makeshift stairs.

I just had to take a picture of this to send to my wife telling her I had her stairs done. Very fancy I might add.

Hiding from rain.

Another storm popped up while I was working so I took shelter under the one place that had a roof. I had enough warning to get my compressor and most the tools under there with me. So sad to sit here watching everything get wet AGAIN!!! Just have get the shop broom out and sweep it all out and get back to work.

Nearly done basement framing.

Once I could get back to work I make great progress now on the boys’ side with their room and the utility / laundry room. I’m not sure why but I love that I deviated from the original plans and made the boys’ bathroom door wall at an angle.

Next time we should have the basement done and be starting to get the floor joists on.

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