Basement Lumber is Here!

Home Depot truck leaving

There goes the HomeDepot truck that just delivered our first of many loads of lumber. Some stuff we would go pick up ourselves but for these large deliveries the $60 for them to drive it all the way out here and drop it. It is soooo worth it.

It includes all the inside 2x4s, outside wall 2x6s and floor sheeting for when we get that far along. The floor joists are on order and should be here soon. A big part of building a house yourself is time management and estimating. Questions like…”How long is it going to take me to do this or that realistically considering the weather and other unforeseen events?” And considering material delivery and storage onsite without being too much of an obstacle.

My wife’s uncle who we bought the land from left us several large tarp like things that had been roadside billboards. They make great cover for materials to protect it as much as we can from all the rain we have been getting.

Another thing I wanted to get done, but probably could have waited on was a complete wrap of the basement in foam insulation. I know probably overkill. So this stuff is supposed to be glued up but you have to be very selective on the variety of clue you use or it will just melt it. And to get it to adhere long enough I thought I’ll just use all this lumber to hold it in place. After it was up I went back and taped all the seams.

I think it kinda looks like a big insulated foam cooler. The bottom 4 feet will be backfilled and the rest will get siding over it. In the next post weather permitting I will be able to start framing up the basement.

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