Breaking Ground

Breaking ground

Our excavator got started nice and early in the morning. He was up there moving dirt while I was still in bed. I didn’t think he’d arrive quite so early. By the time I got up there, he had already moved a lot.

At first, I wasn’t sure what we’d do with all that dirt but some got reused to backfill after the foundation walls were poured and the rest got moved to fill in some low spots.

DIrt pile

The beginnings of our dirt pile from basement excavation.

The deepest he had to go was about four feet. We wanted the basement to be a walkout to the south and there really wasn’t much slope to the land at the crest of our hill. So a good deal of the basement walls would be exposed above ground so that is another thing we will be dealing with later.

More digging

A little while later digging out more for the north side.

As you can see our 10 oak trees around the house give lots of shade to block the intense heat of the afternoon sun. The above picture is our view looking north after the excavator was done for the day. My concrete guys gave lots of compliments to our excavator and wanted to know who did it. I guess it was very level and smooth.

Leveled dig looing north

Looking north with the digging and leveling done.

This view is from the front yard looking west. In the back of the picture, you can see a tall fenced area where we ended up keeping our chickens for a while and one day will do our gardening.

Leveled dig looking west

Looking west with the digging and leveling done.

Next time we will be getting our footings and walls poured.

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