Day One of Basement Framing

Basement set for framing.

One more delivery from Home Depot this morning and now I had everything I need to start. Got my work table set up, electric run from the pole and air compressor ready. I never had large paper blueprints made since I just did all the designing on my laptop, so I kept it up there on the table for reference. I think I decided to start on the girls’ side first just because it was in the shade. I started grabbing arms full of 2x4s and carrying them around to where I was working.

First section of wall

Most all my wall sections will be done in 12 ft increments since that is the longest 2 x 4s I purchased. I had to take a picture here of the very first section of wall I framed for our house!!! Very exciting. In the picture, you can see the bottom plate closest to the wall is a piece of treated lumber that you always want to use when in ground contact with concrete. Concrete though solid is still very porous and can wick water from below.

First side wall done

We’ve got the 3 sections up now and connected together. About every 3 ft I shot through the bottom plate a concrete nail with a powder actuated gun. I had never used one of these before so I was a little intimidated by it. You definitely need ear and eye protection. It is very loud!!! A few places along the wall I used small blocks of treated lumber to attach the walls to the concrete with nails.

First Corner

It’s the end of the day now for framing. I got a bit of a late start, but I am so excited just to have gotten this done for now. If you have noticed the wood walls are a bit taller that my concrete foundation. I wanted to have full 8 ft ceilings down here but after the 4 inches of concrete floor is poured on the footers I lost some height. So to counter this issue I consulted with my dad and we came up with a way of using a 4 x 4 on top of the mud sill to bring them up to the same height when I get to that part.

Next time we will continue on finishing up the basement framing.

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