Footings and Forms

Concrete pumper

The very next day after my excavation work got done I had to go back to work. I came home to see this huge truck sitting alongside my driveway. It was a concrete pumper truck with a boom. My foundation guys had come and worked all day digging and pouring our basement wall footings. Yay!!!

The concrete will harden-up overnight and the next day they will be able to set the wall forms and pour all that concrete. This northeast corner of the basement will be the stairwell to the main level.

Wall footings
Northeast corner of wall footings.

This southeast corner will be the girl’s room and a covered outside sitting area. The eight-foot extension to the front wall will form a slopped retaining wall to hold the front yard dirt back and create a bit of a sheltered enclosed feeling to the sitting area.

Wall footings
Southeast corner of wall footings extended for a retaining wall.

This side of the basement will be the boy’s room with a utility room directly behind it. Over this outside area will be a private deck off of the main living area. I also wanted this picture for our records so I knew exactly where the main drain exited the footings and how deep it is. Important stuff to know!

Wall footings
The southwest corner showing the main house drain exit.

The next day they were already able to stand up and fill the wall forms. Man, did they ever look huge sticking up out of the ground. I then could get the very real sense of the scale of the house. In my head, I was thinking “These walls already look so big, and I am going to put a whole other level on top of that!”

Southeast wall forms
Southeast corner after the wall forms are up.

The kid’s bedrooms split the basement down the middle and leave a shared play area between they can run around and do kid things.

South side
The south side is open for windows and a basement door.
More wall forms
Northeast corner of forms looking south.

Next time we will have new walls and get our waterproofing sprayed on.

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