Site Preparation

Site before we began.

Janelle took this picture soon after we purchased the land. We were walking around holding our youngest, who was less than three weeks old at the time. Much work was ahead of us but we didn’t care. This was something amazing and at times didn’t feel real. The day the people came to move the modular home was a big day because then we could officially start clearing the land for the house.

Modular home taken away.

The second half of the modular home being taken away.

The construction site for where we would put our home looked a bit like a war zone when the modular home was finally moved away. There were four long concrete pads I needed to do something with, fencing that needed to be removed and random bits of stuff that was left over from items stored under the home.

Starting point of our home lot.

This is how it looked after the modular home was moved.

An important part of having kids on a homestead is their involvement when it is safe for them to do so. My oldest daughter came along this day to help toss in the fire the stuff that would burn and bag up the rest for the dumpster. I think she really enjoyed the fire part.

Scraps on fire

My oldest daughter helping by picking up and tossing scraps in the fire.

About a year before we started the build  I purchased a very used circa 1979 Allis-Chalmers tractor, because that’s what every homestead needs right.

Our tractor

Our old Allis-Chalmers we bought for working around our homestead.

I couldn’t image what it would cost to have someone come and take them away so I figured I better find something useful to do with them. The concrete pads were too heavy to drag in one piece so ended up breaking them down to 10 to 15-foot pieces. A few pieces I used to build a base for our burn pit.

Burn pit

The starts of our burn pit.

With the tractor, I was able to drag some of the concrete slabs near one of the remaining fences and then with some leverage and a lot of patience and sweat get them right up tight against the fence. I had three small trees that would just be too close to the house I had to remove so they got to be the starts to my first woodpile.

Firewood stacks

The starts of our firewood stacked on the concrete slabs from the modular home site.

I just had to share this picture. Having never cut down a cedar tree before, I had not known the colorful beauty that could be inside. Not to mention the aroma of it being freshly cut.

Heart of cedar tree.

Beautiful center of cedar tree we had to remove.

Lastly, I would like to share a very old aerial photograph of our homesteading site. There are many more trees now and directly around our building site the previous owner had planted 10 oaks that are now very mature and give a lot of needed shade. We own 5 1/4 acres and are surrounded on three sides by 40 acres owned by my father-in-law.

Aerial photo.

Aerial photograph of our property a long time ago.

Next time we will be breaking ground for the basement.

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