Stairs and Another Visitor

Another visitor.

The sun came out today nice and strong hoping it will dry things out. Not to fun to walk around outside on the job site with all the mud. I had a very small visitor today that was extremely aggressive. He kept following me along the wall trying to jump on me. He was defending his territory I suppose.

First floor joist on.

The flooring system we are using is an I-joist instead of the traditional 2x lumber. I had seen my dad use it once before and started reading up on them. I loved that you can get them in long continuous lengths. Ours are 9 1/2 inch tall by 36 feet long. I had my wife help me carry and hoist the wobbly thing up on the wall. Then we had to step back and take a look.


Here in this last shot you can see I have framed up the bottom run of stairs and put some temporary stair tread out of a mix of 2x4s and 2x6s. Above in the frame a few more of the I-joist can be seen laying on their sides.

Next time we should be getting some of the first pieces of floor sheathing down.

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