Underslab Plumbing

Digging drain paths.

Before we can get our concrete guy to come pour the basement floor we need to get all the under slab rough plumbing in. We grabbed our blueprints, tape measure, and some flags. Janelle got started digging on the first run while I measured out the rest. The clay was dry and very hard. Not fun work. At least we didn’t have to go very deep. My parents arrived the next day with a van full of drain pipes and elbows. Thankful we had all the digging done from yesterday so we could just start laying it down and gluing it together.

Pipes ready.
Parents van and plumbing pipes they brought laid out and ready.

Here my dad is laying out and checking the slope of the girl’s side of the basement. The master bath above this room will also be drained on this side.

East side drain plubming.
My dad helping to get drains run for the front side of the house.

We had to lay out all the elbows and tee joints to make sure we had enough to avoid an extra run into town.

Drain elbows.
Drain elbows laid out in the little ditches we dug.

Making a lot of progress here. Most of the boy’s side is done now including the drain closest in the picture is for the above floor’s kitchen sink. We had several bags on sand available for supporting the pipes in places where we had dug out too much.

Backside plumbing.
The back side of house drain plumbing.

You must always remember to take breaks when it is hot outside as Janelle is doing here.

Phone call.
Janelle taking a break for a phone call.

Living next door in Janelle’s parent’s house while we build was very convenient. The kids could pop over for a few minutes to climb on the dirt pile and see what we’re up to.

Kids playing.
A couple of the kids playing on the big dirt mounds.

The girl’s side drains are now done. We had to secure each run with some stakes and wire to hold them down and capped with tape to keep them from getting stuff in them. In the middle of the picture, you can see a wooden box built around the shower drain. It is filled with sand to keep the concrete from filling it. Later the sand can be dug out and you have access to the drain pipe for under the shower.

Front drains done.
Front of house drains complete and ready to go.

In this picture of the competed boy’s side, you can see the pipe with the rectangular top. It will be for the utility room floor drain. The pipe in the middle with the weird bulge has foam wrapped around it and a removable pipe stuck in it for the toilet drain. The foam holds back the concrete so you have room to mount the toilet flange without having to chip away the concrete.

More pipes.
Boys bath and utility room floor drain.

And finally the main drain and cleanout.  I was so relieved to have that finally installed. The day the concrete guys came to pour the footings I had not prepared anything to act as the sleeve for the drain pipe to go through. I was walking up to see them digging for the footing and that’s when I remembered it. I was dressed for work and about ready to leave. I was freaking out. The thought of having to dig under it or drill through it went through my mind. I started frantically running around looking for something. I finally found a piece of four-inch pipe my father in law had for purchased for another yard drainage project. Disaster averted. I could go to work breathing a sigh of relief.

Main clean out.
Main drain cleanout pipe installed through the foundation drain sleeve.

Here the sun is setting at the end of a productive day. It is so nice when things just work out with no major issues that day. We are ready now for our concrete guys to come back for the basement floor.

Under-slab plmbing done.
Completed under-slab plumbing.

Next time we will be doing more slab prep work.

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