Walls and Waterproofing

Completed concrete walls.

The forms come off!!! This really seemed like a momentous day for us. Having these walls up was a big “solid” milestone. Digging out the basement was a start, but that was just removing dirt. This was actually putting something in place that was ours. Something that would last and hold up everything else. By the wood pile, you can see a shorter wall called a curb wall. It is only eight inches tall on the footing. We will build the wood framed wall for the walkout part of the basement.

The picture below was taken from down the hill a few hundred feet away. You can sense of the scale of the oak trees surrounding our building site. They will be such great shade in the summertime! To the right, part way up the hill, with the red roof you can see the mobile chicken tractor I built. I will need to post about that in the future too.

Donw the hill view of walls.
View of walls from down the hill.

A few days after our walls went we got some rain and a frog decided to take up residence in the depression where our house drain exits the foundation.

Frog by drain.
Frog in residence by our drain.

We got tons of gravel delivered to used soon then the concrete guys some to pour our basement floor. Before that can happen though we need to get the floor plumbing in place.

Gravel selfie
Selfie with gravel for our under our basement floor.

When the walls had sufficiently cured we got a guy out to spray a rubberized waterproofing coat over the basement walls and footings that will be in contact with the dirt. Concrete is somewhat porous and would absorb a lot of water through to the inside if we did not do this. At this point, my excavator was eager to backfill already, but I had a lot more details I needed to get done before we were ready for that.

Waterpfoofing coat
North side of the foundation. Waterproofing coat sprayed on.

This is a front yard view looking west towards the setting sun. Janelle and I enjoyed standing here envisioning what the finished house would be like many months done the line.

Front yard view of foundation walls
Foundation walls from the front yard.

Next time we will be digging and laying the basement drain plumbing.

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