Site Preparation

Janelle took this picture soon after we purchased the land. We were walking around holding our youngest, who was less than three weeks old at the time. Much work was ahead of us but we didn’t care. This was something amazing and at times didn’t feel real. The day the people came to move the modular home was a big day because then we could officially start clearing the land for the house. Continue reading “Site Preparation”

Planning and Design

So, where does one begin the story of a new home?

When we began this story we were a large family living off of one income more than an hour from any family. Our home at the time was of a modest size but rapidly become undersized for us. We had dreams of one day building a house, made just for us, but we thought that would probably never happen. Though my father remodeled and built houses the great distance we thought would prove to be too great for that to happen. My wife’s father had acreage behind their house and he said we could have it to build on. Well, the availability of free land sure sparked our interests. That would be huge cost savings. I didn’t really like the idea of moving to another state, but the opportunity to be closer to family and have our own land was too great. I would do it.

Continue reading “Planning and Design”